About Our Program

The Family Choice of New York Assisted Living/Adult Program provides an integrated team of nurses, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, medical directors, social workers, and care coordinators with the support of our medical director who works with individuals and their families to address their healthcare needs right where they live.  Our team partners closely with an individual’s primary care physician to assess, coordinate, and focus care delivery that reflects the unique healthcare wishes of those we serve.  This specialized program allows us to focus on enhancing quality of life and quality of care by bringing services to an individual’s home, the assisted living/adult facility where they reside.

I am very happy with the care [my father] is receiving. His health has improved since Family Choice began working with him. He has gained back the weight he lost, his color is better & he is happier. I am also happy with the monthly calls I get from his NP telling me the status of his health. ~ Daughter of Patient

Assisted Living Program provides:

  • Regular visits by a nurse practitioner or physician assistant based on an individual’s specific healthcare needs.
  • Ongoing support from a nurse practitioner or physician assistant, on-call 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with additional clinical support provided by our medical director.
  • Care coordination with the individual’s physician and assisted living facility staff.
  • A social worker to assist with identifying an individual’s goals of care, improved access to and assistance with community resources and emotional support.
  • Assistance with transitioning individuals directly to skilled nursing facilities to avoid unnecessary hospitalizations or emergency room visits whenever it is safe and appropriate to do so with the goal of returning to the assisted living facility.
  • Assistance in scheduling doctor’s office visits and coordinating transportation.
  • Care and treatment in the assisted living/adult facility to prevent unnecessary hospitalizations and emergency room visits whenever it is safe and appropriate to do so.
  • Enhanced communication with family, individuals, physicians, and caregivers.
It gives me peace of mind knowing another pair of eyes is looking after my husband ~ Wife of a Patient

To learn more about our innovative assisted living/adult program please call us at (716) 668-7051.