WE Are Here For You. 

A leading organization cannot do it alone. To provide care and support to those who are medically fragile or faced with a challenging illness or health condition.  That’s why the Family Choice team of dedicated medical and clinical professionals, practitioners and support staff partner with community providers throughout Western New York to provide comprehensive clinical and care management programs to those who need us most.

Our distinct programs are designed to provide care and support wherever our patients call home.  Our goal is to refocus healthcare resources to assure that individuals receive increased preventative and primary medical care and social services in the comfort of their own environment.  We strive to maximize an individual’s quality of life, quality of care and health outcomes.

Our Core Values:

  • Always do what’s right for the individual.
  • Individuals with multiple chronic conditions maintain a better quality of life when they can safely be treated in their own environment.
  • We value the autonomy of the individual and his/her family to make informed choices about their healthcare.
  • Early identification of problems and timely intervention is the key to maximizing the quality of life.

To learn more about our Innovative Programs please call us at (716) 668-7051.