The Family Choice team is comprised of a wide range of professional and support staff.  Not only does our staff excel in talent and innovation, but also great passion, commitment, and caring for the work that they do.  It isn’t just a job.  It’s about contributing to something beyond ourselves and making a difference.  We firmly believe when organizations possess knowledge across many disciplines and have highly-trained staff, anything is possible. 


Nurse Practitioner or Physician Assistants:  Coordinates care and makes routine visits and clinical assessments in collaboration with the physicians, facility staff, patients and families.  Identifies problems and treatment opportunities as early as possible and provides education to individuals, their families, and other caregivers.

Nurse Case Managers:  Collaborates with providers, individuals, family representatives, and key stakeholders in the community to ensure individuals transition smoothly between care settings and receive the care ordered by their medical team.  Works with the social work team when a need for community resources is identified.

Social Workers:  Supports individuals and their families through consultation and education, documents goals of care that reflect an individual’s personal wishes. Assists with Medicaid/insurance benefits, provides assistance with access to community resources and when necessary assists transitions between care settings.

Care Coordinators:  Works with the individual and individual’s caregivers, primary care physician, other providers, and the Family Choice clinical team to facilitate the coordination of care.